Create an immersive experience for Spotify at the annual CES convention to host their major corporate partners in hopes to help solidify and forge new partnerships. This experience targeted the sole and passion that Spotify has for creativity and music. Because Spotify is a digital based company, it was important to bring that same experience and feel to life. As a result, while at Sandbox Marketing I was challenged by Spotify to create this experience that would help not only project their sales to new heights, but to also say thank you to those who have partnered with them.

The activation needed to be fun, exciting, technology forward, and something worth remembering for months and years to come.


After initial meetings and conference calls with the executive and creative team at Spotify, it was very clear in terms of the direction this event needed to go. With the focus on “A Year in Music" as the driving force, I began searching for the perfect venue that could make this event possible. Having selected The Bank at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the challenge was then transforming that space into something totally unique. Countless hours were spent not only designing and fabricating the interior and exterior displays, but making sure that each step the attendees would take screamed music and fun. The feature pieces were custom video walls with new projection mapping technology that allowed me to use high end projections to wrap images around 3D objects in space. This unique feature and technology is now widely used in sporting arenas and amusement parks around the world and I brought it into this event for the wow factor. All of the graphics and video were designed and implemented by me in collaboration with the team over at Spotify.