Schwarzkopf has been the go to brand for hair styling professionals for years. With the long and vibrant history of professional product offerings, Schwarzkopf took the leap into a consumer line that was to be made available at the largest brink and mortar retailers in the country. In anticipation for the product launch, it was extremely important to not only promote the products, but to show customers how to use them at home and without the assistance of a professional. With this initiative properly dubbed Project Focus, 2 dozen product videos were the way we were going to reach the consumers.


Working hand in hand with the marketing team at Schwarzkopf I developed and designed a studio layout that fit their brand but put the primary focus on the products themselves. I enlisted the services of Michael Vincent Academy to utilize their studio as well as their student make up artists to tackle this massive 3 day shoot. Being the director and lead camera operator it was important to have the right team and equipment in place all the way from the models to the video team. Having written all of the scripts and set up the 3 different camera angles we were ready to shoot. With celebrity stylist Richard “Dicky" Collins as the centerpiece of the how-to videos it was a long but fulfilling 2 and a half day shoot for everyone. The work was far from finished as being the lead editor would prove that the work was far from over. Photography that I shot on site in-between takes served as support images for the overall campaign.