Pioneer approached me and the team at Sandbox Marketing to head up a national tour promoting their new NEX unit. Scheduling a tour on a national level is no easy feat but I had the vision to make it happen. The remaining question was how to promote across the country to Best Buy retail stores, installers and consumers to let them know about this new and beneficial product? I came up with a simple and effective solution that allowed us to advertise on the road and at Best Buy stores across the country.


We outfitted our tour manager with a custom branded Scion xB that I designed in conjunction with the team at Pioneer customized with Pioneer speakers and a NEX entertainment unit. Not only would this act as a billboard driving across country, it also served as an event display piece to show consumers the benefits of having a Pioneer system installed in their vehicle. Supporting graphics material was loaded in as well to support the campaign as it drove all across the country. Overall, the national tour visited over 20 cities and Best Buy Retail stores.