How do you make the experience and culture of wearing a hat to the next level. Because NewEra is the foremost name in hats from professional athletes to consumers alike, it only seemed fitting to have a presence at one of the largest concerts of the year. The Made in America Festival is one of the biggest of it’s kind bringing in some of the biggest hip hop and rap artists of today and yesterday. Because this activation would be set up exclusively for performing artists and their respective groups, the major challenge was creating something inviting yet unique and take the name of NewEra to a whole new level.


Having spent multiple meetings and conversations with the marketing team over at NewEra, I was able to come up with an activation set-up that allowed for not only the display of some of NewEra’s most unique and culture driven hats, but also provide an experience unlike any other before. Because music is so engrained in the values of NewEra, it was important to pay tribute to that with a storied timeline of the rich music and hat industry through customized vinyl records. Playing up on the American theme I developed an American flag hat display utilizing NewEra hat blanks to tie in the celebration. As people walked through the experience they were taken through multiple steps on customizing and creating their one of a kind own unique hats right there on the spot. Everything from the flow of the space to the graphics and look needed to fuse the values of not only NewEra, but the culture surrounding the Made in America Festival.