The US Open of Surfing is one of Southern California's premier events come summer time and the perfect demographic for Bose in their push to reach a younger demographic. With a large market share in a choke hold by Beats, it was a challenge to get a younger generation to grab on to the same premium audio experience their parents swore by. I worked with the Bose team to help develop an activation that would not only appeal to the younger demographic, but create an environment that allowed for them to actually demo the headphones and #ListenForYourself. The rise of selfies and outward expression through clothes and activewear played right into what needed to go into this experience.


The Bose Sound Shack was born through discussions with the team at Bose due in part because the overall concept played so well into the spirit of the event as well as the trends in youth culture at the time. The most critical part of this whole activation was to develop demo stations that didn't feel like you were in a mall setting. I developed 2 unique stations that incorporated surfboards and skateboards that allowed attendees to plug in their own devices and listen to their own music like they never have before. With the rise of social media, I developed a photo opportunity with props and the ability to share online and win a set of headphones. Their posts were telecast both inside the booth as well as on the main screens throughout the day in partnership with the US Open marketing team to help promote not only the contest but the products themselves.